Remedy for your pet's unwillingness to take medication

Posted on: 7 July 2016

Being a pet owner, you require your pet to receive the best veterinary care. You would like them to get treatment as compassionate and sophisticated as you may receive yourself. Veterinarians today realize that pet owners are highly knowledgeable and require a more advanced level of care.  Here are some reasons as to why you ought to consider compounding services as a remedy for your pet's medical concerns.

Difficulty faced when trying to treat your pets

As a pet owner, you are aware that most of the time it is difficult to treat your pet with medication. Cats are the most famous for their unwillingness to swallow pills. Some are even clever enough to eat around a pill disguised in food. Dogs also do not like medication squeezed into their mouths, but can take it in meat or a dog biscuit. Birds, on the other hand, cannot take liquid medication in large quantities, but will take sweet, fruit flavored solutions.

Dosages are another concern especially in dogs where a dose of medication, for example, that works for a Golden Retriever weighing eighty pounds may be too much for a Yorkie weighing about six pounds.

Benefits of compounding medication

Pets come in different sizes and shapes and just like people they can be sensitive to various ingredients, for example, lactose. Due to this, the commercially available medicines may not be suitable for all your pets always and that is why compounding becomes necessary to help your pets get better. Pharmacy compounding is becoming a popular and effective solution to many veterinary problems.

Your pets regularly suffer from varieties of the same diseases that people have that include, ear and nose infections, cancer, diabetes, and even heart conditions; thus, medicating them presents unique situations that are better treated or controlled through compounding.

Your veterinarian in this circumstance is able to work closely with a compounding pharmacist to tailor, prepare and prescribe medication suitable for your pet's condition and size. You get to note that with compounding, formulations are adapted for your pets with food allergies, flavor preferences and sensitivities. Additionally, the customized delivery system of your pet's medicine alleviates stress that you obtain from struggling to treat your pet. Other alternative dosages include transdermal gels and creams which can be used when your pet is unwilling to swallow medication. Transdermal gels and creams enable you to administer medications by rubbing them onto the ear of your pet.