How Cosmetic Acupuncture Could Make You Look Years Younger?

Posted on: 21 July 2016

These days it seems everyone wants to look younger; after all 50 is the new 40, so you really do want the face to match that body you've worked so hard on at the gym!  With so many horror stories surrounding facelifts, Botox and other drastic cosmetic surgical procedures, women are rapidly turning to an age-old traditional alternative therapy: acupuncture.

Smoothing out the lines

Since the days of the Song Dynasty in China (960AD to 1279AD), acupuncture has been used to combat the signs of ageing and to help alleviate various skin conditions.  Unlike other more invasive forms of cosmetic treatment, acupuncture is a totally natural and holistic anti-ageing therapy that aims to smooth out those dreaded fine lines and wrinkles.

Unlike the quick-fix of Botox, cosmetic acupuncture requires a course of treatments to really show results.  An upside of this is that the whole face is treated together with various body points too; facial patients often report feeling healthier and much happier after their treatment, as well as looking bright-eyed, feeling full of verve and even sleeping more soundly.  Around 30 to 40 needles are applied to the body and face, stimulating the production of elastin and collagen which effectively plumps up the skin, removing wrinkles and lines.

Increasing Energy

Cosmetic acupuncture stimulates your whole body; needles are used not only in the face but in the arms, legs, feet, ears and head resulting in an increase in energy and vitality as well as a youthful glow.  Team this with a healthy lifestyle and good diet and you will undoubtedly see the years fall away as if by magic!

The recommended course of treatment lasts for 10 to 16 weeks depending on the condition of your skin at the start of the course and is followed by monthly maintenance visits.  There is no recovery time required and no side-effects like unsightly bruising or nerve damage.  The whole experience can be extremely relaxing too; many people actually fall asleep during the treatment!

Finding a practitioner

As with any form of cosmetic treatment, it's very important to ensure that you find someone who is suitably experienced and qualified to carry out any form of cosmetic procedure.  Your practitioner should be licensed and well-established; ask to see their certification and testimonials from existing clients before you commence any treatment or part with any cash.

Your practitioner should be happy to give you a fifteen minute consultation together with an estimate of cost for the whole course and the number of treatments that will be required.  Each treatment session is quite labour intensive, especially if you are a smoker or sun-worshipper, and some people may require more sessions than others to get the best results.

In conclusion

If you're prepared to try something new and you don't want to undergo the more traditional, invasive forms of anti-ageing treatments, then facial acupuncture may be for you.  You might even find that, following your course of treatment, you feel ten years younger too!