It's Easy to Ignore These Signs That You Need Prescription Glasses

Posted on: 11 July 2016

Some people put off getting glasses no matter the condition of their eyesight, reasoning that it might make them look old or they can't afford new lenses. However, you never want to drive with anything less than clear vision and you certainly don't want to operate a forklift or other such machinery where you work if your vision is cloudy or fuzzy. You could also be making your eyesight worse by not getting glasses and wearing them as needed. If you're not sure if you need new prescription glasses, note a few signs that are often easy to ignore.

Leaning forward 

It's a natural inclination to lean forward when you can't see something in front of you, although it might not help you much when you're driving and a street sign is many meters away from your car. If you notice that you tend to lean forward when focusing on anything, this is often your body's natural way of trying to focus or see something clearly. Consider if you do this when you're trying to look at the television, paperwork across your desk, or anything you need to see while driving. It may be a sign that you need glasses.

Halos around lights

If you notice that traffic lights or lamps in your home seem to have a halo or blurred edge, this often means your eyesight is becoming blurred. Your eyes are not taking in that light and keeping it in sharp focus, so it becomes blurred and often resembles a halo or even a second light around the light source. With prescription glasses, those lights will become as crisp as everything else in your vision.

Eyes that sting when you cry

If your eyes sting when you cry, or if you add eye drops to your eyes and you feel a slight sting, this often means that your eyes are very dry. Dry eyes can be caused by a number of problems but overworking the eye muscles while trying to focus is a common cause. Your eyes may change shape as you squint to read, or you may not be blinking enough times as you try to focus. In turn, your eyes don't get enough moisture. Crying, adding eye drops or even putting your eyes under a shower stream while bathing can then cause this stinging sensation.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, talk to an optometrist about getting prescription glasses.