How Dry Tattooing Could Remove Your Acne Scars

Posted on: 12 July 2016

If you have suffered from acne, you may be left with unsightly scars on your skin.  But did you know that cosmetic tattooing can be used to permanently remove and disguise the blemishes left behind by acne?  Read on to find out more.

What is dry tattooing?

Dry tattooing is usually carried out by an experienced cosmetologist who specialises in applying permanent makeup, such as eyebrow feathering tattoos etc.  The procedure is essentially similar to having a permanent tattoo applied to your skin, but without the ink.

The theory behind dry tattooing is that the basal skin layer can be stimulated into producing extra collagen that fills-in pitted acne scars.  Dry tattooing carried out around raised areas of damaged skin promotes new skin growth, which in turn pulls the skin tighter, effectively flattening out the scarred area and making it much less noticeable.

What happens at a dry tattooing appointment?

At your first consultation your cosmetician will carry out a thorough health screening to determine why you want the dry tattooing procedure carried out and to establish that it's safe to do so. 

You'll also be asked whether you are taking any form of blood thinning drugs or aspirin, and whether you suffer from cold sores or herpes.  This is important, as skin trauma can cause cold sore or herpes viruses to become active, and the procedure is also minimally invasive, which could lead to bleeding. 

You will probably then need to attend a second consultation when the dry tattooing procedure will be carried out.  First of all a topical anaesthetic is placed on your skin to reduce to discomfort caused by the fine needle that will be used by the cosmetician.  Needles will then be inserted into sites that are in need of extra collagen to make your acne scars less noticeable.  The needles are usually inserted into the upper layer of your skin at an angle to further reduce any minor discomfort you may feel.  You should experience little, if any, bleeding.

Once the dry tattooing procedure has been carried out, you should stay indoors for a few days out of the sun to allow your skin to settle down again.  Over the next few weeks and months, your skin will begin to produce more collagen to fill-in the scarring and your acne blemishes will begin to disappear.

In conclusion

Your acne scarring can be reduced through a dry tattoo treatment.  Have a chat with your doctor and a good cosmetician for further advice on how this procedure could help you.