Tips to Help You Lessen the Itch for Your Child Suffering From Eczema

Posted on: 18 July 2016

Eczema is a skin condition that mostly affects kids and triggers severe skin itchiness. You can help your child deal with the discomfort by adopting practices that help lessen the itch triggered by eczema and by talking with a dermatologist at a skin clinic. Below are effective tips and guidelines that you can use.

Control the Heat

High temperatures tend to trigger skin itchiness for kids suffering from eczema, so it's important that you keep your child cool or at least help your child to maintain a normal body temperature. Loose clothing often traps less heat than fitting clothes, and so you should try to dress your child in loose clothing, especially during the hot seasons.

Also, if the temperatures are extremely high you can use cool compresses to lower your child's body temperature. Also, avoid bathing your child with warm water and for long. Instead, use water that is at room temperature and take the shortest time possible.

Use the Right Detergent

Some detergents cause extreme irritation for kids suffering from eczema and tend to worsen the itch. If you notice that your child tends to itch more after dressing, then you may want to stop using the detergent and see if the problem will subside.

It's advisable that you first try a detergent that is free of fragrances and dyes, advises Healthy Children. The fragrance and dye components can at times be harsh on the skin and trigger a reaction. Otherwise, you may want to use a detergent recommended by your child's skin clinic dermatologist.  It's also advisable to avoid fabric softeners as they can also trigger a skin reaction. NHS advises that chlorine commonly used in swimming pools can also trigger an eczema itch, so let your child take a shower immediately after swimming.

Use Eczema-Friendly Fabric

Some fabrics tend to worsen eczema in children and should be avoided at all costs. Most rough-textured fabrics are common triggers of the eczema itch. For example, WebMD advises that wool is a known culprit and it's best that you avoid buying woollen clothes for your child suffering from eczema.

Also, you should avoid wearing clothes made of fabrics that irritate your child's skin. This is important because you will often cuddle or hold your child and your clothing may irritate your child's skin. Healthy Children suggests that it's best that you always choose soft-fabric clothing for your child, preferably clothes that are 100 percent cotton.